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EOCS is a full-service solution provider for professional inspection, installation, repair and maintenance of smoke and fire containment barriers for healthcare facilities. Our specialized programs and documentation ensure that your facility will always remain in compliance.

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EOC Solutions employs a “State of the Art” Web and App-based Reporting and Documentation Program for Firestopping and Damper Inspections

Capability Statement

EOC Solutions has over a decade-long track record of success as a life-safety provider. Our team of trained, uniformed inspectors takes a systematic approach to each comprehensive firestop program, which includes a 100% complete inspection every 90 days.

Our trained professionals use a proprietary documentation system which allows you to track our progress through the your facility and ensures peace of mind that every area has been inspected and repaired employing listed UL Systems. You have the ability to access our progress and a selection of reports online, but each job finishes with the delivery of a comprehensive report for your files. Our clients are confident and prepared for any TJC inspection.


Chris Littrell


Chris Littrell, Principal and Co-founder, Managing sales, new business development and O&M subcontracting relationships.

Aaron Weiskittle

Chief Operations Officer

Aaron Weiskittle, Chief Operations Officer. Day to day supervision of the life safety inspectors and technicians, Client management and oversees the QA/QC process on every project.

Stefanie Kitchner

Chief Business Officer

Stefanie Kitchner, Chief Business Officer, supports the COO in development and management of day to day operations. Oversees company finances, human resources, compliance, and vendor relationships. 

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