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EOCS approaches fire rated barriers with the same concern as other important systems within the hospital; that is – regularly maintaining them. Workers constantly breach your fire rated barriers leaving the facility compromised. Here’s how our unique quarterly firestop maintenance program insures that your Healthcare facility will always be in compliance.

  • Every 90 days, inspect and repair every linear foot of rated barrier
  • UL System Labeling of each corrected deficiency
  • Electronically document all actions onto uploaded life safety drawings
  • Employ and note (including pictures) UL Systems employed for each deficiency

Ref, NFPA 101 LS

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Fire/Smoke Damper Inspection

Because dampers are a crucial link in the fire protection chain, inspection, testing and repairing are critically important. These life safety systems are often overlooked in an already overly-extended 6 years (1st year post-installation) inspection cycle. EOCS is the right choice to maintain your dampers for the following reasons:

  • Our technicians are trained and experienced in the inspection/repair and installation of Smoke/Fire Dampers
  • Our electronic documentation precisely locates the dampers on your life safety drawings while noting (with pictures) all pertinent information
  • Asset labeling is included with all inspections/installations
  • Because our technicians only perform their duties in hospital environs, they are keenly aware on the sensitive nature of their surroundings

Ref, NFPA 80 section 19.4, NFPA 105 Section 6.5, NFPA 90A Section 5.4.7 and The Joint Commission.

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Fire/Smoke Door Inspection, Labeling & Repair

Fire rated doors must be inspected and maintained. Doors are one of the most abused mechanical systems in the hospital and as such, lose their compliance rating due to misalignment, broken hardware and modifications. EOCS provides the following for your rated doors/frames:

  • Required annual inspection/testing of all rated doors and frames
  • An electronic documentation program that records all inspections and notes of all findings. Accuracy is achieved with uploaded life safety drawings
  • Facilitation of field labeling of fire doors/frames

Ref, NFPA 80 5.2.1

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Life Safety Surveys/SOC

When it comes to surveying your hospital or providing a Statement of Conditions, your healthcare facility deserves the finest engineering representation available. That’s where EOCS can help. Knowing code is just the start. Our FPE’s work with your team to develop a cohesive strategy toward the goal of life safety compliance. Our FPE’s specialize in healthcare facilities and can assist with the following:

  • Statement of Conditions (SOC)
  • Electronic Statement of Conditions (eSOC)
  • Plan for Improvement (PFI)
  • Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES)