EOC Solutions employs a “State of the Art” Web and App-based Reporting and Documentation Program for Firestopping and Damper Inspections. Our techs are highly trained in the use of this software and we provide you full access to your reports online and via comprehensive printed documentation.

Using the reporting program, our firestop techs place an icon on the Life Safety drawings denoting action items such as inspection points, repaired deficiencies and open item issues. (Click on the image to see the icons on the Life Safety drawing.)

Clicking on an icon on the Life Safety drawing opens a sub-­page revealing a detailed description of the inspected/corrected area or deficiency. (Click on the screenshot to see an example sub-­page.)

The reporting program produces a final report displaying the item’s general location, open/completed/pending repairs and is fully customizable and exportable to Excel.(Click on the screenshot to see an example final report.)